Every day of every year, thousands of young people in the UK find themselves homeless.

Many are forced to sleep in overcrowded hostels, on the sofas of people they barely know, or worse still, on the streets. Yet homelessness isn’t inevitable. It’s a problem that can be solved.

With the right support services and secure accommodation, we can prevent young people from becoming homeless and protect those who are. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Rising rents and reductions in benefit payments have had a negative impact on the country’s most vulnerable young people and organisations delivering critical services are struggling with an increase in demand. They desperately need investment to reach more young people.

That’s why we’re here. For over 30 years we have been bringing together remarkable businesses and individuals from across the property industry to support projects that provide life-changing accommodation for young people facing homelessness.

Visit us here www.landaid.org

Anh Nguyen | Aggregate Industries London

"I attended my first event (running) and found the experience highly enjoyable to meet friendly and likeminded people from the industry. Well organised and definitely a network I would recommend others join. I will definitely be back!"

Emily Gabb | NLA London

"MIPIM has the reputation of being networking fuelled by glasses of rosè outside Cafe Roma and the Property Sports Network offer a great way to challenge that perception with a healthy start to the day. The runs provide a beautiful view of Cannes before all the hussle and bustle of the day starts and are an excellent way to meet new people in a relaxed, informal way, while getting some exercise in. I attended 3/4 of the runs this year and find them to be a great way to prioritise your mental and physical health for the day ahead at what can be a very intense event. I would reccommend these events to anyone attending MIPIM, particularly for first timers or those who are looking to clock up a few miles while still getting in some networking."

Chris Kirkland | City of Wolverhampton Council Wolverhampton

"I've been taking part in the networking runs for many years, starting at MIPIM. The events have continued to grow year on year and this year at UKREiiF were really well attended. Always well organised, enjoyable and a great way of meeting new people, networking and starting the day in the best way possible."

Anna Silkstone | Colliers London

"A brilliant way to network at MIPIM, whilst getting some exercise and raising money for charity. I met like-minded real estate professionals who enjoy running - what more could you ask for before 8am! Thank you! “

Simon England | Harrison Drury Solicitors Preston

"Great event. Well run and well attended."

Ian Hawes | CampbellReith London

"A friendly, welcoming group of runners - the route was great and the pace suitable for all abilities with plenty of stops for regrouping. Lots of smiling faces and great to finish off with a drink and pizza from Markides Associates!"

Mandisa Khabo | Greystar London

"Well organised event, I was a bit worried what the running pace would be. However it was steady and no one was left behind. The steady pace made the conversation easier. Great to meet companies from all areas of the property sector and it turned out our business were already dealing them."

Isabelle Hosford | Pocket Living London

"I recently attended a yoga event. Not only was it a great chance to keep fit and network, we also had a guided tour of the incredible venue. The class was suitable for all levels, so there was no need to be nervous about ability. I look forward to attending the next event, I’m hoping to be able to make it to the self-defence class next time."

Martyn Janzemin | London Building Control London

"We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to support the MIPIM daily runs in 2019. This was our first event with the Property Sports Network. It was a great success.  It was well organised, well attended, raised money for LandAid and exceeded our expectations.

The dedication of the team to continuously offer regular and new events to bring people together in the name of sport, fitness, charity and networking is simply refreshing.

We will be supporting future events where possible."

Stephen Byfield​ | horizon cremation London

"The inaugural Groundbreakers motorcycle ride was excellent.  They were an interesting crowd, the day was well organised and you felt included from the moment you arrived.   It was the perfect mixture of fun and useful contacts."

Vickie Kent | BDP London

"I took part in the online pilates, HIIT and yoga morning sessions during lock-down. The instructors were amazing, motivating us to push ourselves and always remaining positive. It’s also given me a new love of pilates – thank you!"

Sam Wilson | Cascade Communications London

"I've taken part in several events organised by Property Sports Network,  including runs at MIPIM I've found them to be an accessible and fun way of making new contacts in the industry. Always good to meet people with similar interests and enjoy a well-deserved drink afterwards, especially after the night run in Richmond!"

Paul Beale | 18 Degrees London

"We hosted a cycling event with PSN and it was excellent.  Clear and consistent communications with the team, a lovely group of attendees with common interests, and of course a great networking opportunity for all."

Dale Perini | Bryden Wood London

"I’ve attended a number of the Property Sports Network events including running, yoga and cycling. They are fun and great for all levels and I’ve made some excellent business contacts and great friends."

Karl Weston | Write Research Company London

"The Property Sports Network has allowed me to expand my network whilst having fun and enjoying a similar interest to others. I have been several times and always feel the classes are very high quality, very down to earth and an excellent way to break the ice with new contacts. The relaxed yet informative environment is a real plus, They are also very well organised and are at great venues too. Highly recommended, 5 stars."

Tracey Frost | HLW London

"We were happy to host a Self Defence event in our flexible office space.  The evening was energetic, fun and useful, where we learnt some great moves from the professional and talented Taekwondo instructors.  The event was a perfect size in terms of being intimate and friendly, with a great crowd of various industry faces.  The sporting activity gave everyone the chance to earn the optional post exercise drinks that followed, it was a well organised evening and everyone left the office feeling ready to face any potential attackers should they need to!"

Philip Waind | Waind Gohil + Potter Architects London

"We had a great time hosting two events. It gave us a great opportunity to showcase our work in a fun setting whilst connecting with lots of likeminded people. We are looking forward to hosting the Property Sports Network again soon."